Technology Over Nature

Texting vs. Nature

I don’t know what’s better

Being outside without  a cellphone (iphone, blackberry etc) or an ipod.

People say they wouldn’t know what to do without music or having a phone w/ them

We live in an addictive world many of us are so connected to having a device

As if it is the only way to survive through our lives.

But who can really blame us?

This generation is all about high tech, and getting the latest.

Technology is forever growing.

But try going outside for once without a divice on you.

You’d experience the joy of nature that is around you.

You’d connect with yourself without distractions.

You’d be able to breathe and exhale.

But it is our anxiety , our impatience that allows us to draw back

our habits in needing something to hold, something to keep us occupied.

It’s almost like love, you see.

It’s an attitude that claims that it is unnatural to be single

The solution to that is to go out there and date.

To prevent loneliness.

It takes so much courage to let go of something that is extremely addicting and

Try and live and enjoy the life we are all supposed to have.

Connect ourselves with nature, within ourselves or any kind of spiritual connections we have for ourselves or God.

Try for one day of freedom.

Try and connect yourself without holding our phones, ipods

Without our daily distractions.

© Sweetlikez | August 28, 2012

One thought on “Technology Over Nature

  1. Ardean says:

    “You’d connect with yourself without distractions.”
    So true. We have become so dependent on having something with us – I think we’re afraid to go out without a device.

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