Assumption Kills

What we say, what we do, what we write…. pretty much everything we do and no matter what we do. People are going to make assumptions. I would like to address that sometimes assumptions can be a bit extreme. Is it that hard to asking for the facts rather than judging and looking at someone’s work or themselves? Because when people assume, it just kills the spirit.

Everybody has a story.

For example, just because I might be doing one thing and doing another thing the next, it doesn’t mean I’m being inconstant. Sometimes I do feel things and I want to talk about it, I’ll do that.  Sometimes it’s just the way of dealing with whatever I am going through. Learning from mistakes, doesn’t just mean I have to make a complete stop and never turning back again. It can mean that at some point I have to respect my heart and treat it will without forcing it to feel something that it either growing or getting over or dealing with it.  Some people are quick and some are slow in dealing with whatever it is that they are going through. I do know that one of the things I do that helps me other than my spiritual relationship with God,  is to read the self-hep books, taking a walk outside and write or relax, or sometimes taking a nap or working out helps. Sometimes just hanging out with friends can help too.   I know that staying busy can help as well.

I write on facebook, I tweet, I write… they’re my words,  I am aware of what I’m writing. Yes, I’m aware that everything I say or write affects the people around me.  I am also aware that everything I do or say affects me as a person too. I’m choosing to post these online. I’m choosing to use words. I’m choosing to understand that in order to have a great long happy life.

I am fully aware  that I must change the way I think, talk, behave, act, around people and help myself grow and become a better person. I don’t write for attention, I write because I can no longer hold it all in. I want to release it.

One of the greatest lessons I learned over this summer and throughout my counseling sessions is to continue to stay true to myself, continue to believe and think positivity without putting down others, without being bitter, and lastly, to stay busy: being able to find ways to find my passion without depending on people, or being needy.  Part of growing up is letting go, but it is also about myself letting go of the nasty old habits of mines.  You can let go all the things that could set you free, but if you have a bad habits that will always pull you down,  you will never let go fully;  All of that needs to change as well. You feel me?

I have a goal now, my goal is to take care of myself and complete all the things I’ve wanted to do in my life and achieve my dreams and have fun ( a really good time) the rest will come. I’m leaving that up to God.

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