Why do we say what others think of you shouldn’t be your business? But it becomes your business.

Why do we tend to say that others think of you shouldn’t be your business? But it becomes your business.

Don’t we all love to hear how people think of us? Or do we just care a bit too much?

It all boils down to the reality of the things we don’t want to hear about ourselves, we get defensive, we get upset, we get hurt and the hurt becomes pain.   I think it’s about  balancing yourself and knowing your limit. At some point you gotta step back and listen to what others think of you and at some point you just need to know that it’s JUST THEIR OPNION of you. If you fully know that you don’t display the images that these so called people are telling you, then why should you make what they think of you, your first priority? What is the obsession behind that? Why are we constantly worrying about what others think of us when all of us spent at least nine months alone in a mother’s womb? Nine months of being alone and being isolated and free from the judgemental world.  How many more people are we going to be worried about how they think of you?

People change and I think change is a beautiful thing. A change allows you to be different and it allows you to develop your inner-self a bit more. You need to discover who you are, or just keep improving yourself, empowering that person inside of you. That person who probably don’t give a f**k what others may think of them. That person who just want to embrace their own happiness from the within.  Nobody wants that do they? They want to continue living on with their lives always fearing to be different, to stand out, to show the world who they really are without being afraid. Are we all raised to be like this?

When I think about this term: “What others think of you shouldn’t be your business” it’s a critical question. It’s not about going around being disrespecting and putting on the ‘I-don’t-give-a-f**k’ attitude, it’s about being aware of what’s around you, being conscious what you say around people and how your display your actions around them: is it positive or is it negative?  This isn’t about going around pleasing others as well. You are allowed to speak your mind. It’s your Rights. It’s about what others think of you should be the TRUTH of who you are. Only you can choose that, they can’t.  I cannot say that we all gotta be perfect.  It’s hard to follow your words and your actions at the same time. It’s hard to display that image we all say we are, but yet we are working on in that.  But it’s never to late to start thinking about this.

Just because someone says this and doesn’t display their actions doesn’t mean the person is a fake or a hypocrite or what not.  It’s just part of human nature. Some of us may not even know why we do this and it becomes a habit.  We all do it. We say things we don’t mean,  we make promises but we tend to break them because we just aren’t patience enough or we’re just distracted by the other things that is happening in our lives. Some of us say these things to remind themselves as well. Nobody is perfect. Our lives is problematic, but it’s our duty to control ourselves by not letting it get to us; it’s our duty to stay positive when it is necessary to do so. It’s okay to feel anger, it’s okay to feel the opposite of happiness. It’s okay to be happy too.  It’s part of life. Nobody can stay happy for too long. We have emotions. We feel pain because we let out heart open to care, to trust etc. and the pain is just there to remind us that it’s a lesson. I am learning as welll. It’s a process. A lesson that we all have to learn and not just to move on from it but GROW from it. You know what I’m saying?

People can say what they want and we can’t control them. We can only control ourselves and our emotions and not let it affect us. So why should we let what others ‘think’ of us become our ‘business’ after all?   How long should any of us should be worrying about what others think of us?   Sometimes you just have to be strong and bold enough to put yourself together and keep your head up regardless.

Look around you. Look at the friends you are with. Look at your family members. Look at the lifestyle you’ve chosen to live.  Look at yourself and ask yourself if you truly appreciate what you have now? Are you happy? Do you feel incomplete? Do you feel you need to improve? Do you feel complete and happy? Do you need to let go or remove the people (family or friends) in your lives to get to a better place? Do that.

It’s never too late to make improvement on yourself and change into the person you think you want be and do it. At end of the day, it’s YOUR life, it’s your mind, your body that is carrying so much stress to go through your life.  You got to do what’s best for you.