Artists Ripping off of Michael Jackson’s music?

I grew up listening to Michael Jackson music and he was an inspiration. He was one of my first big idols that I looked up to. I was sadden that he passed away that June 2009. Ever since “Michael” album was released in 2010, I thought that since Michael’s passing, it would be respectful to let him rest. Let people remember Michael’s music for what it was.  Since his passing, the producers released two albums which were 25th anniversary of Thriller and Bad albums, which were understandable.

Now it’s May 2014 , a new Michael album coming out called Michael Jackson – Xscape. At first, I was a bit confused because I’m thinking wait.. Xscape the R&B group from the 90s? Later, I realized it was just the title of the album.  This album from I’ve I heard have all the top unreleased albums from Michael that were supposed to be in his past albums but never made it to the cut. This new album’s first single, – Love Never Felt So Good, that featured singer, Justin Timberlake. The official video have been released. You can watch the video at the beginning of this blog.

When I heard the single, I thought okay cool, but when are they gonna leave Michael alone? It’s a great song. Very old school, and that music vibe is what music today is missing. Justin Timberlake is a great artist of his own, but it just seems to me that Timberlake is just doing this make to make money and using Micheal to gain his popularity. For example,  on that Oprah Next Chapter interview where Timberlake was talking about how Michael was the first person to have him go solo from N’Sync. Why wait after his death to tell people that? What was the point of saying that? It’s not like it’s going to change anything. I just keep asking myself why now?

After watching the “Love Never Felt So Good” video, I was thinking to myself, ” This is getting a bit too much.” Justin Timberlake is a good entertainer, but I think everybody should just leave Michael’s music alone. Stop making money off of Michael Jackson. Stop dancing too hard to be like him. I get and respect that he paved the way but man, with all due respect, it’s annoying to see so many male artists dancing like Michael like they’ve owned it, as if it’s brand new. It’s getting a bit too overrated. Nothing is original. Everybody’s trying to do the Jackson dance move. I wish that these male artists come up with their own moves instead and just be creative.

I know that these tracks were unreleased and never made it to any MJ’s classic albums and I know that the label just want to release it for the MJ fans to hear it. However, I think that singers should just leave his music alone. As for producers, if they wanted to release these unreleased tracks, why not release a video of MJ’s work and studio work be creative with the video, instead of using other artists? Like do a video similar to “This Is It”. In that video we just see MJ pictures and his vocals only. That’s honorable.

Sources are already talking to Justin Bieber about this and it’s just drives me crazy. Really? Justin Bieber has nothing on Michael Jackson except the level of his fan base are similar to Michael Jackon’s fan base. But Michael was actually a talented singer and he was an inspiration and did so much more.  I don’t know why people are so quick to make a comparision. It’s like people are ripping off of Jackson since his death. Why are they talking as if he’s alive and everything is okay?

I can’t believe that L.A Reid is considering Bieber to do ‘future’ work with Michael. Really?  Is this generation losing its mind? They have lost my mind when they put him on the “We Are The World for Haiti” video.  They put Bieber in the video and throughout the entire video, they only used Michael Jackson in a clip for a second of his glove, lame. Stuff like this, makes me wonder if anybody understand the word respect. Totally wiping out Jackson like he is just a shadow. If  L.A Ried never wanted to ‘remix’ a Michael Jackson unreleased tracks that never made it to any of Jackson’s classic albums, then why is he adding artists like Justin Timberlake and other artists in this? Timberlake is a cool artist, but c’mon, how could these tracks be unreleased tracks when the tracks were interrupted, distrupted by adding Timberlake or any of the artists that is in on this new album?

In my opinion, the producers should have just released MJ unreleased tracks alone like it was and just don’t add people to it. It’s too fucking confusing and it’s making the newer generation thinking this is a great song and not knowing that these producers invaded Michael’s old unreleased tracks and just be putting their voices into the song as if it’s a good thing to do.  Do us MJ fans a favour, let us just hear the original undressed tracks. His own vocals only. I swear I feel like the new generation of music is not about talent anymore or the messages, it’s about appearance and popularity and what sells quick.

Final thoughts, it’s funny how many artists are using Jackson after his death to make money off of him and be claiming it’s honoring Michael Jackson. I honestly, think that they should leave MJ’s music the way it was and let this go. They’re just ruining it with the new tracks. Let Michael Jackson and his music rest in peace. Let Michael’s music just be known for his classics and not for obsessing over who was featured in his songs after his death.

L.A Reid spoke about Justin Bieber and his future plans on  Michael Jackson upcoming music:



2 thoughts on “Artists Ripping off of Michael Jackson’s music?

  1. Ardean Peters says:

    I agree fully. When I saw these ads start popping up, I thought, “he’s been dead awhile now, how is a new album coming out?!”

    “The producers should have just released MJ unreleased tracks alone and just don’t add people to it.” <— I agree w/ what you say here. If they really just wanted to do a tribute – just release whatever finished music he had at the time of his death, as is. Let the money go to the estate and leave it at that. 'Course, it's not about the music….

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