Selfies and Dubsmash

Why do people love taking selfies? Why do people love using Dubsmash videos?


I love Dubsmash! 

I love taking selfies because it is a hobby and I know can be a little too much because if you go on my Instagram page. I post a lot of selfies. I don’t really pay attention to those who tell me that I post a lot of pics of myself.  I can’t live for them. I am me and I can post whatever I want.

I think that asking people to take photos of you or my peers can lead into a situation where they don’t take the photo right and the picture doesn’t turn out as well as you like it to be.  Another example can be when you want to take a picture but not everybody wants to take a picture with you. That can be a problem. When I’m taking a selfie, it means I’m in charge of my own photography.  Put the camera somewhere, set the timer and I’m good to go. To me, it’s a fun thing to do. I love doing it. I do understand that it can be too much and people can become narcissistic.   Sometimes taking selfies can become a bad habit and it is hard to put the phdownload-dubsmashone down. Phones have become such an addictive device. It is hard to go anywhere without having a phone on you.

Dubsmash is an app that allows people to record themselves using the songs or clips that have been uploaded by users. They have about less than a minute to record and they lipsync and you’re good to go.  Unlike YouTube, Dubsmash doesn’t lash you out for copyright.  It just lets you pick your song  or anything and lets you act.  I love listening to music and I’ve always love lip-syncing to songs in my car, in the shower, just looking myself in the mirror just being silly haha. Dubsmash is another hobby of mine, just like listening to music, writing, reading books, watching tv, working out, etc.

I do think that this generation is kind of losing its touch when it comes to socializing with people. We could be sitting across from each other having a conversation though our phones without making eye contact or without a full blown face to face dialogues. At the end of the day, it depends you. You choose the people to hangout with and how you are with your phone around them. Is is necessary to have a conversation with friend and you’re always on the phone when you’re with them? Always taking selfies around them. At the end of the day, it depends on how people use their phones and know when to use them. It depends on the people you’re choosing to be around with. Some people do not want to have  their phones around their peers and they would turn off the phone and hang out. Some people  do both. It depends.

I grew up in a generation (late 80s) where I never had cell phones, we had Nintendo and outside was our freedom. A generation were we had mostly sitcoms and cartoon series on tv, we had no reality shows. We had internet, but it was for checking emails and chatting with people online. We had no social media, no Youtube.  Back when cordless phones were popular. We had our own  walkman, listened our tapes and using the FF and RW button.   We had a strong social interacting with our peers around us.  We came from a generation were VCR existed and we had to set a timer to record shows.  I remember when pagers used to be out and now everybody is on their iPhones, ordering movies from apple tv, downloading songs off the internet, movies too. Ordering clothes, books, food, etc. from the Internet.

I believe that this generation is missing out the social aspect of going places to meet people, picking up the phone to call people instead of texting, going for a walk.  Cellphones are causing a lot accidents on the road, people lost lives due to texting and driving. It’s crazy right? Who would have thought that by 2015  there’s a law on texting and driving? Back then it was drinking, speeding, smoking and driving.   People recording themselves as they’re driving and uploading it on youtube. Paying attention to the road, being stuck in traffic are making people bored and frustrated. People are becoming more restless and always trying to find something to do. Text, music, talking on the phone while they drive.

People in my neighbourhood are staying in more than back then when I was growing up, we had everybody outside doing their own thing. I am saying all of these stuff because there is more to just labelling someone who post selfies or many dubsmash  videos on their social media accounts.   Taking a lot of selfies and dubsmash do not make people become narcissistic. You would have to look at the person’s lifestyle, the person’s attitude  and behaviour, and so much more.

I think it depends on the person and how they use their phones and what they’re dong with their lives as well.  I wouldn’t be too quick to assume that for someone who posts a lot of selfies and dubsmash are suddenly being labeled.

I love taking pics of myself.. but am I narcissistic? Am I obsessed? Not necessarily. I enjoy using my phone. I enjoy being around with people. I’m taking care of myself. I’m aware of my surroundings.   I think Dubsmash is a great way for people like myself to get things off their mind and just enjoy life a bit. I think selfies are great.    As long as you are doing other things in life that is keeping you busy off the phone and you’re using your phone because you need a break and want to have fun with it.

What about you? Why do you take selfies? For those who like the app, Dubsmash, why do you like to use Dubsmash?



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