Why do people ignore? How to get over it?

I find it is hurtful to be ignored.

At the same time, I think it’s harder to find a way to deal with it by moving on.

Learning how to get over it.

Understand that people ignore others for reasons we may not understand.

We don’t have to. It shows a character of who they are.

I believe that there’s a line of respect and responding.

But I am done with cliff-hanging answers and sudden silences.

Maybe I’m just hurting for a bit right now. Some people are just cruel I guess.

At the same time, I cannot bury my head under the sand trying to figure out the whys.

You meet people and they teach you lessons of your actions or mistakes or whatever.

You just move on. You have to or you’ll just drive yourself crazy.

I think all of this is teaching me to be stronger every minute.

I think this is telling me to not give in too much because you expect so much and you let yourself fall hard.

It is what i is. When people ignore you. It’s a toxic sign to just let them be.

I’m trying Lord to just be positive and find people who just want to be friends with me as I continue to be myself. It’s a hard life out there. It’s hard to click with anyone when

Everyday I been misunderstood and most times they don’t even try to understand.or when I’m trying to be social but I’m an introvert.

I will get over it soon. I should. I can’t let this devil win me over. I can beat this. I cannot go back down that road.

When people ignore me, I just have to learn not to take it seriously and personally and move the fuck on. That’s just the way it is.

Gotta focus on what makes me happy and keeps me focus.

Not on what I look in others and have high expectations about them and believing in that fantasy in living in a world where you think everybody agrees with you and everybody is going to treat you kind.




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