Who says that positivitiy is easy.

Being able to stay positive is never easy

But the truth is : Things will get better

When we allow our positive attitudes and behaviors

Into our bodies, into our minds

Our journey in life will be easier

It won’t happen overnight, but it is possible

That being positive and having a positive outlook

Will lead us to true happiness.

Being positive is not about ignoring our problems, denying the facts.

Being positive is not about rushing your feelings so that everybody sees that you’re fine when you know it’s false.

Being positive is about finding your space, your time to find the joy that was missing.

Being positive is the strength to smile in those down times when you know it’s the hardest thing to do.

Being positive is about respecting your heart,

It is also about allowing yourself to go through the process.

Being positive is about finding ways to escape out of the situation

while dealing with your struggles.

Finding ways to deal with the problems in the best way you can.

Finding some kind of inspiration as a way out of the problem.

Finding your inner-faith to help you get back up again without force.

You can’t grow, if you aren’t ready to accept that things are the way they are.

You can’t change that.

You can’t undo the faults.

You can just move forward

and choose to learn from it and find ways for it to not happen again

or you can choose to go down the drain with negativity.

The choice is really up to you.

Either be realistic and continue to stay positive or

Be hard on yourself and never moving on.

Bring positive isn’t easy, but it’s a start.


Technology Over Nature

Texting vs. Nature

I don’t know what’s better

Being outside without  a cellphone (iphone, blackberry etc) or an ipod.

People say they wouldn’t know what to do without music or having a phone w/ them

We live in an addictive world many of us are so connected to having a device

As if it is the only way to survive through our lives.

But who can really blame us?

This generation is all about high tech, and getting the latest.

Technology is forever growing.

But try going outside for once without a divice on you.

You’d experience the joy of nature that is around you.

You’d connect with yourself without distractions.

You’d be able to breathe and exhale.

But it is our anxiety , our impatience that allows us to draw back

our habits in needing something to hold, something to keep us occupied.

It’s almost like love, you see.

It’s an attitude that claims that it is unnatural to be single

The solution to that is to go out there and date.

To prevent loneliness.

It takes so much courage to let go of something that is extremely addicting and

Try and live and enjoy the life we are all supposed to have.

Connect ourselves with nature, within ourselves or any kind of spiritual connections we have for ourselves or God.

Try for one day of freedom.

Try and connect yourself without holding our phones, ipods

Without our daily distractions.

© Sweetlikez | August 28, 2012